Structural Repair

Structural repair

Like many coastal areas, the Cape experiences long extended periods of wet damp weather. Most homes constructed here prior to the most recent decade or two are very vulnerable to moisture damage and decay. The wood siding – particularly cedar shingles, exterior trim boards, and in many cases the wood sheathing and framing members are damaged or destroyed if the issue is left unattended for too long.

The most critical area affected by this are the house sills and trim joists that tend to rot or decay from water and moisture. Masonry front steps, and wood decks attached directly to the exterior walls cause the majority of the problems I encounter. Proper flashing techniques around door openings were practically non-existent until recent years. I specialize in the proper procedures that eliminate this problem. Using hydraulic lifting, I take the weight off the sills to replace them with treated lumber, rim joists and plywood sheathing. All the exterior trim from the bottom of the walls to the roof line is replaced with pvc trim boards. All to eliminate moisture damage.

When we start a project, whether it’s siding or new windows or doors, we break everything down to the frame. We have to. In some cases we begin to see the signs of decay or structural damage which causes us to dig deeper. We stay transparent with the homeowner and show them what needs to be done for a permanent repair. The bottom line is we do our work right. We don’t cover it up and do an installation that will end up failing a few months or a year later.